Ultima Online Spell Channeling

This property called spell channeling works on weapons and shields so that no casting will disarm you. All spells can be casted with a spell channel weapon and it wont disarm. If you have mage weapon with this property you can cast spells and your defense will match that of someone with a fighting skill equal to your Magery. Spell channeling usually is accompanied by a Faster Casting of -1 which will make you cast slower if you fall below 2. The list below has all of the UO items with spell channeling on them.

Ultima Online Hook’s Shield
Ultima Online Boomstick
Ultima Online Wildfire Lantern
Ultima Online Virtue Shield
Ultima Online Staff Of Power
Ultima Online Hephaestus
Ultima Online Arcane Shield
Ultima Online Staff of the Magi
Ultima Online Kotl Black Rod
Ultima Online Staff of Pyros