Ultima Online Crown of Arcane Temperament

Ultima Online Crown of Arcane Temperament


The Ultima Online crown of arcane temperament is a rare artifact that is somewhat easy to obtain in the Stygian Abyss Dungeon, but even easier to get when you buy from UOking.
Weight: 10 Stones
Artifact Rarity 5
Casting Focus 2%
Mana Increase 8
Mana Regeneration 3
Spell Damage Increase 8%
Lower Mana Cost 6%
Physical Resist 10%
Fire Resist 14%
Cold Resist 4%
Poison Resist 12%
Energy Resist 7%
Strength Requirement 10
Durability: 255 / 255
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We carry a UO Crown of Arcane Temperament Artifacts for sale that can be picked up in Ultima Online.
Available on these shards:
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UO Crown of Tal'keesh
Weight: 1 Stone
+20 Swordsmanship
Dexterity Bonus 8
Night Sight
Hit Chance Increase 15%
Physical Resist 2%
Fire Resist 6%
Cold Resist 9%
Poison Resist 7%
Energy Resist 23%
Strength Requirement 10
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UO Sampire Feudal Lord
Stats for Suit with All Artifacts Equipped
Factoring Weapon Mastery 3
No Weapon Equipped
75/75/74/75/80 Refined and With Vampiric Embrace
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7+ Hit Point Regeneration
3 Stamina Regeneration
32+ Mana Increase
35+ Stamina Increase
25 Hit Point Increase
50% Lower Mana Cost
100% Damage Increase
30% Hit Lower Defense On Suit
30% Swing Speed Increase (35 with town buff)
45% Hit Chance Increase
20% Defense Chance Increase (Refined Cap)
8% Spell Damage Increase
25+ Strength Bonus
5 Intelligence Bonus
25+ Dexterity Bonus
+30 Skill of your Choice

Artifacts Used
Feudal Grips
Hawkwind Robe
Rangers Cloak of Augmentation
Crimson Cincture
Shantys Waders
Enchantress Cameo (Random Slayer)

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