Ultima Online Void Mare 3 Slot Untrained

Ultima Online Void Mare 3 Slot Untrained


This is a very rare 3 slot spawn of the darkest void hue possible. These UO void mares do not spawn often and are extremely hard to get with only 2 slots. Players have begun to transfer over from nightmares to void mares because of the cool look.
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We carry a UO Void Mare 3 Slot Untrained Pets for sale that can be picked up in Ultima Online.
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UO Archer PvM Stamina Suit
Total Stats Without Weapon
75/75/74/75/75 (Refined)
12 Mana Regeneration
5 Hit Point Regeneration
6 Stamina Regeneration
32 Mana Increase
62 Stamina Increase
20 Hit Point Increase
100% Damage Increase
25% Swing Speed Increase
45% Hit Chance Increase
8 Strength Bonus
5 Intelligence Bonus
26 Dexterity Bonus
+10 Anatomy

Suggested Template
120 Archery
120 Tactics
120 Anatomy
80 Bushido
100 Resist
100 Healing
120 Chivalry

Suggested Bow Build
Swing Speed Increase 30%
Super Slayer
Hit Mana Leech 37%
Hit Stamina Leech 50%
Hit Lower Defense 50%

Artifacts Used:
Ranger Cloak
Duelists Edge
LT Sash (doublet)
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