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Posted by: admin - Added: 2024-01-14

UO King will be as active, as ever in 2024. We are planning a huge roll out of new features and development Just want to thank all the loyal customers over the years who stuck with us! THANK YOU! HAPPY NEW YEAR!.
Posted by: admin - Added: 2023-07-10

Getting back into UO this summer? We got you covered from suits, full characters, mounts, houses, gear, weapons, resources. You name, we have it and at competitive cheap UO gold prices. Live chat us with any questions and if you do not see a live chat at the bottom of page you may need to allow popups from
Posted by: admin - Added: 2023-05-11

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well and enjoying the nice weather lately. I want to start out by mentioning that gold prices are lower! We have come down 0.01 per mil to compete with the market. Prices on scrolls continue to be lowered, making now one of the best times in five years to grab the scrolls you might need.

Don't forget to click on Tools and visit the EM event list. This list will automatically update to your time zone to get you to those events all month long.

Archer Suit
Luck suits and an archer suit were added to the shop so be sure to check those out. Also, we are still working to provide you with all of the shard bound items that entered the game recently.
Posted by: admin - Added: 2022-12-08

You can now checkout on which sends the data to a secure 3rd party payment provider. We never know what was on the form and our website is encrypted as well for an added layer of privacy. Thank you to all of the customers who stuck with us during the wait for approval. We are proud to be serving players once again.
Posted by: admin - Added: 2022-11-17

Since we are no longer using Paypal the last 2 weeks have been spent finding the right solution for our payment processing. We hope to back up and ready to process services in the next few days.
Posted by: admin - Added: 2022-06-14

We are working hard to bring you competitive prices that match or beat the competition. We ask that if you see we are missing a item you want or that the price is much higher than others to reach out to us on live chat so we can correct it! UO King has served the UO community for over 20 years and will continue to do so! Thank you to all loyal customers.
Posted by: admin - Added: 2022-03-28

Congrats to everyone who won, all have been contacted and or delivered to:
Tommy ~ 250 million gold - LA
Neil ~ Any 1 - 3 Year vet reward - ATL
David ~ 50 million gold - ATL
Rebecca ~ 50 million gold - ATL

In the event anyone does not respond within the 5 day period we will pick another winner. Thank you everyone for your support, we will be doing more promotions and giveaways soon.
Posted by: admin - Added: 2022-01-13

Check out the new and improved Max Luck Suit available now!
Posted by: admin - Added: 2021-12-24

On Christmas eve and Christmas day store will be unavilable for delivery, orders will begin being processed Christmas night and delivered the next day. Thank you for your patience and happy holidays.
Posted by: admin - Added: 2021-11-29

Get ready for our winter sale coming up and kicking the new year off right!
Posted by: admin - Added: 2021-05-31

Come check out the hot sales on Transcendence Scrolls, Power Scrolls, and more!
Posted by: admin - Added: 2021-02-18

In 2021, UO King has been focus on delivering competitive gold prices and even the addition of Siege gold and items. Every day we work hard in Ultima Online to give you the best service when ordering UO items. We are taking the month of February to work on upcoming discount offers and special promotions. We want our customers to feel like they get a 5-star experience when picking up their favorite items. We have recently added new items and categories like reagents, potions, statues and more.
Posted by: admin - Added: 2020-12-15

Yes it is that time of year again. The Krampus event is live and so is a new ice dungeon drops with turn in. Another event with rare statues also going on in compassion. Things really have been heating up in Ultima Online as we draw in on the end of the year. I am happy to announce our gold is now a flat rate fee across the board at an even better deal than before. We continue to add new items and grow our inventory. A new layout is coming soon as well as some amazing new tools and features.
Posted by: admin - Added: 2020-05-14

Hello again to everyone, we hope you are enjoying this extended time at home to catch up on your Ultima Online adventures. It is now mid-march and the Tokuno arty runs are dying off to make way for the invasion! While plays are gearing up to try to grab some 50 SDI spellbooks we would like you to know we are here to help! We would like to thank all of our loyal and new customers for choosing up as the store to fill up on items and gold. Please be safe out there and we will continue to help Ultima Online players get where they need to be. Safe Travels, UOKing
Posted by: admin - Added: 2019-12-30

We are pleased to announce that all orders throughout January 2020 will include random rare items as a gift! Loyal customers will reap the rewards that we deliver for the next 30 days! Expect to see over 200 more UO items added to the store in the coming days.
Posted by: admin - Added: 2019-11-09

Hello and happy holidays to all the UO players out there. We are in the giving spirit this year and are working hard to roll out tons of new items, services, and vital tools to help you guys. It is our goal to make UOKing the #1 place for everything related to Ultima Online. Have a problem with a missing item from the store or pricing? Just talk to us on live chat before making your order so we can ensure you get the best deal possible!
Posted by: admin - Added: 2019-07-03

Anyone who wishes to place orders using bitcoin or other forms of digital currencies can speak with us directly on live chat to process their order. We will figure out your order total and convert it into the going rate of whatever crypto you wish to pay with and the wallet address to send it to. Simple!
Posted by: admin - Added: 2019-05-08

Check out our store we have added a new pet the Triton. This pet has healing and is extremely powerful. It is part of the High Seas update for completing pirate quests. We have add new items as well and updated gold prices to reflect demand. Currently gold is very undervalued and there isn't enough to go around. It is starting to rise in cost to keep up with demand. This will eventually make the gold price of items less as each million UO gold is worth more money.
Posted by: admin - Added: 2019-03-09

Have you ever been frustrated trying to price check your items on very slow in-game vendor search or not even able to find the item for sale to get the price? I introduce to you the Item Price Checker! Do a search for the name of your items or use some of our pre-built item tabs for things like power scrolls, materials, primers, and more!
Posted by: admin - Added: 2018-11-10

We want to take some time to thank our customers and also keep you up to date on what's going on. Stay tuned for the back friday special sales.
Posted by: admin - Added: 2018-08-07

We are happy to announce new changes here at UO King. For starters, we will be giving away UO gold every weekend with trivia games in the discord! You can connect to the discord Saturday and Sunday nights at 8pm here: We have also added new items to the store including imbuing ingredients and crafting resources. The IDOC scanner is expanding to cover 5 more shards! We will continue to grow and provide useful tools to the UO community!
Posted by: admin - Added: 2018-04-03

Due to unreliability of the previous idoc finder I have developed a new one which is much more accurate and has 24/7 uptime. I still have not released the zoom-able mapping yet but it will be shorty!

If you have not registered to uoking now is the time! The perks of being a uoking member continue to grow.
Posted by: admin - Added: 2018-03-29

Updated April 1st:
The winner of the 100 mil has been contacted to collect. If for any reason they do not contact me back after 6 days I will draw a new winner.
A big move by UO today on March 29th! All accounts are now EJ and stygian abyss enabled! Wow so many players have been waiting for this moment for so long.

Free 2 play is right around the corner now which could create a massive boom in new players.

Posted by: admin - Added: 2018-03-14

UO Contest


Only 1 entry per person, per household.
Registration information must be valid.

Other great reasons to sign up:
Exclusive discounts and cashback to members only.
Advanced UI for catching IDOC's.
5 facet zoom-able customizable mapping system.
First access to upcoming UO tools.
Posted by: admin - Added: 2018-02-26

Today marks another tremendous day for uo king and the ultima community. I am thrilled to announce that we will begin sponsoring guilds every month based on a few factors like activeness, stability, and good attitute! Every month we will be giving away free gold and items to all sponsored guilds.


We here at UO King has begun the initiative to start the no dupe alliance, urging sellers of gold and items to state their stance on such practices. We feel it is important that customers know they are dealing with gold and items that were gathered by 100% natural hard work and not through exploit, dupe or hack.
Posted by: admin - Added: 2018-02-25

It is a proud day for us at UO King. We are now live and accepting orders!

How To Play Ultima Online For Free

Until now many people would use free shards to play without cost and then Endless Journey was introduced in 2022. This allows you to play Ultima Online for free every month with most features unlocked! And the best part, this is all possible on the real Ultima Online shards like Atlantic, Great Lakes, Pacific and more. Visit your EAGames account and create a Ultima Online account through this portal:

How To Download Ultima Online

The classic and enhanced clients for Ultima Online can be downloaded from the official UO website: It is also possible to run them on a Mac by changing your envirment or downloading some apps.