Posted by: admin - Added: 2019-07-03

Anyone who wishes to place orders using bitcoin or other forms of digital currencies can speak with us directly on live chat to process their order. We will figure out your order total and convert it into the going rate of whatever crypto you wish to pay with and the wallet address to send it to. Simple!
Posted by: admin - Added: 2019-05-08

Check out our store we have added a new pet the Triton. This pet has healing and is extremely powerful. It is part of the High Seas update for completing pirate quests. We have add new items as well and updated gold prices to reflect demand. Currently gold is very undervalued and there isn't enough to go around. It is starting to rise in cost to keep up with demand. This will eventually make the gold price of items less as each million UO gold is worth more money.
Posted by: admin - Added: 2019-03-09

Have you ever been frustrated trying to price check your items on very slow in-game vendor search or not even able to find the item for sale to get the price? I introduce to you the Item Price Checker! Do a search for the name of your items or use some of our pre-built item tabs for things like power scrolls, materials, primers, and more!
Posted by: admin - Added: 2018-11-10

We want to take some time to thank our customers and also keep you up to date on what's going on. Stay tuned for the back friday special sales.
Posted by: admin - Added: 2018-08-07

We are happy to announce new changes here at UO King. For starters, we will be giving away UO gold every weekend with trivia games in the discord! You can connect to the discord Saturday and Sunday nights at 8pm here: https://discord.gg/hG68sF We have also added new items to the store including imbuing ingredients and crafting resources. The IDOC scanner is expanding to cover 5 more shards! We will continue to grow and provide useful tools to the UO community!
Posted by: admin - Added: 2018-04-03

Due to unreliability of the previous idoc finder I have developed a new one which is much more accurate and has 24/7 uptime. I still have not released the zoom-able mapping yet but it will be shorty!

If you have not registered to uoking now is the time! The perks of being a uoking member continue to grow.
Posted by: admin - Added: 2018-03-29

Updated April 1st:
The winner of the 100 mil has been contacted to collect. If for any reason they do not contact me back after 6 days I will draw a new winner.
A big move by UO today on March 29th! All accounts are now EJ and stygian abyss enabled! Wow so many players have been waiting for this moment for so long.

Free 2 play is right around the corner now which could create a massive boom in new players.

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UO Contest


Only 1 entry per person, per household.
Registration information must be valid.

Other great reasons to sign up:
Exclusive discounts and cashback to members only.
Advanced UI for catching IDOC's.
5 facet zoom-able customizable mapping system.
First access to upcoming UO tools.

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