Ultima Online Dye Tubs

UO Dye Tubs

These dye tubs are from all sorts of different things but each serves a unique purpose in dying something. Sometimes it's leather or cloth or even a special color but each dye tub is important in its own way. People love to dye things different colors in Ultima Online as they do in real life too. Veteran reward dye tubs can still be used by any player who has possession of them. Black and white are part of the rare dye tub colors that are obtainable. There is currently a total of 11 different tubs available listed here.

Ultima Online Metallic Dye Tub
Ultima Online Runebook Dye Tub
Ultima Online Black Dye Tub
Ultima Online Furniture Dye Tub
Ultima Online Special Dye Tub
Ultima Online Leather Dye Tub