Ultima Online Shields

UO Shields

The Ultima Online shields found here are only the useful/valuable ones that players might still need during these times. Some of the most important shields for a mage include spell channeling so you can hold the shield and still cast spells. There are also some imbued Ultima Online shields that people request along with all of the well-known artifact shields. Weather you're looking for fashionable Ultima Online shields or one for defense, UOking has what you're looking for.

You can buy UO shields here and then pick them up at Luna bank. You can not hold two-handed weapons and a shield at the same time. We will soon be adding legendary drop shields for the 30% soul charge. If you are looking for a shield for sale that you do not see here, just ask live chat for it.

Ultima Online Hook’s Shield
Ultima Online Virtue Shield
Ultima Online Hephaestus
Ultima Online Arcane Shield