Ultima Online Time of Legends

UO Time of Legends

The Ultima online time of legends items is an important list of items only found in the new expansion that can't be accessed, unless you have upgraded your account. Did you already buy Ultima Online Time of Legends ? Here you can buy any of the Shadowguard (Roof) artifacts. This is currently the latest expansion for ultima online. In the month of March 2018 they will be upgrading all free/paid accounts to Stygian abyss and this expansion grants access to the new pet training and skill masteries, lands, champions, new higher end loot and items.

Ultima Online Anons Boots
Ultima Online Hawkwinds Robe
Ultima Online Grugor's Shield
Ultima Online Anon's Spellbook
Ultima Online Minax Sandals
Ultima Online Shanty's Waders
Ultima Online Ozymandias Obi