Ultima Online Ingots

UO Ingots

In Ultima Online, ingots are a fundamental resource essential for crafting and blacksmithing. Players gather these materials by mining ore from various types of veins scattered across the game's world. Once mined, ores must be smelted into ingots, each type corresponding to different metals such as iron, copper, or rare varieties like valorite and verite. These ingots are crucial for crafting a wide range of items, including weapons, armor, and tools. Higher-quality ingots like valorite not only enhance the durability and effectiveness of crafted items but are also sought after for their rarity and the superior properties they bestow. Crafters often seek out these ingots to create exceptional and powerful gear. Additionally, specific quests and activities may require certain types of ingots, adding another layer of utility and demand within the game. For those looking to excel in blacksmithing or to trade valuable resources, mastering the art of mining and ingot production is a vital part of the Ultima Online experience. Grab every type of Ultima Online ingots here in bulk. These Ultima Online ingots come to you as commodity deeds which can be broken out of their deed in a bank box or commodity deed box. Get full set or individual Ultima online ingots for sale, all at great prices here at UO King. There are a total of 9 ingot types found in Ultima Online, 8 colors and iron. Each ingot type, does require a certain level of mining in order to dig it up. When you enhance things with colored ingots the effects are different based on armor, weapons or shields, as well as, color.

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