Ultima Online Houses

UO Houses

The Ultima Online houses are a wild addition to the Ultima Online game that most others do not have, allowing players to live and build inside the custom made homes. UO houses come in many different customization sizes because of the open land shapes in Ultima Online. Everyone wants Ultima Online houses right? Is your bank out of the room? Are you sick of not having a place to call your own? Want us to find you a nice location instead of selling you a random spot? Give us a few hours after placing your order to find you a great spot. If you buy Ultima Online houses from a player who wants gold you can head over to the gold page and get the required amount. A house placement tool is how plots are placed in Ultima Online. You can only have 1 Ultima Online house per account. Get a UO house today and start customizing until you have your dream home. HOUSES ARE PURCHASED FROM SELLERS AFTER ORDER IS MADE. PLEASE BE PATIENT FOR DELIVERY IF YOU WANT A GOOD LOCATION.

Ultima Online 18x18 Trammel
Ultima Online 18x18 Malas
Ultima Online 18x18 Felucia
Ultima Online Keep Atlantic