Ultima Online Pets

UO Pets

The pets are part of the animal taming skill in the Ultima Online game, in which players can tame creatures in order to ride them or fight in battle. With all the exciting changes happening to UO, one of them is pets. Ultima Online pets used by tamers usually require a set amount of taming and animal lore. Now with new slots and training, you can have almost any pet you desire. Need a pet trained? Just ask us on live chat. We already added the new Triton Pet in Ultima Online along with Dinosaurs, cold drakes, and frost dragons being added soon. Personally when i started playing Ultima Online i had a Red Cu Sidhe. I enjoyed having this pet because I was able to ride the pet along with kill various monsters. The pet was also able to heal itself, the only other pet side from the Cu Sidhe that could heals itself is the Triton. The fact this pet could heal itself was very convenient when killing a bunch of monsters. In order to bond the pet to yourself you need to feed the pet everyday for seven days or you can use a pet bonding potion which will bond the pet to yourself instantly. The reason you want to bond your pet is so when the pet dies you can resurrect the pet. If you do not bond your pet once it dies it will be gone forever.

Ultima Online White Wyrm Frost
Ultima Online Ice Cu Untrained
Ultima Online Wildfire Ostard
Ultima Online Frost Dragon
Ultima Online Cold Drake
Ultima Online Triton Untrained
Ultima Online Blaze Cu Sidhe
Ultima Online Bane Dragon