Ultima Online Hair Dyes

UO Hair Dyes

The Ultima Online hair dyes are sold here from rare drops from peerless bosses and from the new pigment system. Get special hair dye for sale to complete your characters look in the Ultima Online game. These dyes are 1-time use only and cannot be used again, so for multiple characters, you will need multiple dyes. The most popular hair dye colors used are pink, purple, white, Europa gold, and glacial blue. We worked hard to stock all of the different colors and continue to add more. Pick from your favorite colors to upgrade the look of your toons hair. You should always try to look your best in UO. Everyone's first impression of you usually depends on the way you look or dress. This is why keeping a unique hairstyle and color that is unique to your character is important. Need a color that isn't listed here, then just send us a message on live chat.

Ultima Online Hair Dye Abyssal