Ultima Online Weapons

UO Weapons

The Ultima Online weapons are a collection of released items during different changes in Ultima Online ranging from Mondain's legacy all the way to endless journey. Ultima Online weapons have a unique ability that allows for many different combinations for specials and weapon properties. We have a wide selection of weapons which include artifacts and crafted items. Ultima Online weapons are a vital part of the game and can mean the difference between life or death for any player class.

If you are looking for PVP or PvM weapons, we have what you need. Buy the best UO weapons delivered by players with expertise in-game mechanics. Weapons can be one-handed or two and those that are two-handed can only be held while casting and drinking potions if it has special properties. Spell channeling and Balanced are 2 special properties that will allow you to hold the Ultima Online weapon while doing other things like casting. Weapon Types: Fencing, Macing, Swordsmanship, Archery and Throwing. These weapons are all very useful, even some of the inexpensive ones because of their utility.

Weapons are far more than tools of battle—they are extensions of a player’s strategy and persona. Each weapon carries the potential to dramatically influence the flow of combat and the destiny of its wielder. From the elegantly crafted Kryss that strikes with speed and precision, to the formidable War Hammer that delivers crushing blows capable of turning the tide of a skirmish, the variety of armaments available caters to every playstyle and tactical approach.

Ultima Online Boomstick
Ultima Online Staff Of Power
Ultima Online Hailstorm
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Ultima Online Imbued Weapon
Ultima Online Staff of the Magi
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