Ultima Online Archer Spawn Set

Ultima Online Archer Spawn Set


The archer spawn set is a perfectly crafted weapon set meant to create a bow for every spawn boss. These damage types and slayers are set up to deliver the maximum amount of damage to each spawn. Get a complete bow set for your archer at a comfortable price.

100% Cold Dragon Slayer
100% Fire Spider Slayer
100% Cold Repond Slayer
100% Cold Demon Slayer
100% Fire Undead Slayer
100% Fire Elemental Slayer
100% Fire Arachnid Slayer
100% Cold Reptile Slayer

Each Imbued with
50% Damage Increase
30% Swing Speed Increase (Enhanced to 40%)
Super Slayer
34% Mana Leech
50% Stamina Leech
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Delivered to all shards
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We carry a UO Archer Spawn Set Custom Suits for sale that can be picked up in Ultima Online.
Available on these shards:
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