Ultima Online Full Soulstone Token

Ultima Online Full Soulstone Token
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Want to be able to swap a skill anytime you want forever? This token does just that. This is a lifetime Soulstone token that will let you store a skill with as many re-uses as you want. These are extremely helpful to have in ultima online.

Green Soulstones were originally available as a promotional item for pre-ordering Ultima Online: Samurai Empire and have returned as a Legacy Token reward option.
Blue Soulstones were available as a promotional item for pre-ordering Ultima Online: The Eighth Age and entering the promo code until January 28, 2006.
Red Soulstones are available via first-year Veteran Reward choice.
All Soulstones can only be used with the first account to have held them, but the first two types were distributed in the form of tokens - These tokens can be given or sold to other players before redeeming them for the actual Soulstone itself. Red Soulstones do not come in token form.
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We carry a UO Full Soulstone Token Tokens for sale that can be picked up in Ultima Online.
Available on these shards:
Full Soulstone Token Spawn Location?
What are the stats for Full Soulstone Token?
Use this soulstone to store 1 skill at a time and move between characters with unlimited uses.  
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