Ultima Online Mythic Character Token

Ultima Online Mythic Character Token
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A mythic character token is a very special uncommon token in Ultima Online that lets you pick skills to automatically start at 90 each which is much higher than the advanced character token. Jumpstart your character with 5x 90 Skill and 225 stats! This is one of the most used tokens for starting a new character. It can be traded in-game like other promotional tokens. Existing characters must have less than 200 skill points when the token is used. On use, one can instantly set up to five skills to 90 and the stats to the overall cap. Everyone is using an Ultima Online Mythic Character Token along with 6 scrolls of transcendence in each of the skills you pick that you want to go from 90 to 120. Mythic + SOT + Power Scrolls = Finished Character.
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We carry a UO Mythic Character Token Tokens for sale that can be picked up in Ultima Online.
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Mythic Character Token Spawn Location?
What are the stats for Mythic Character Token?
A redeemable token in ultima online which lets you set 5 skill to 90. 
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