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About To Fall:

Q: How long after a house goes idoc does it fall?
A: The second a house goes from greatly to idoc a 5 hour timer starts. Every 5 hours it will have a chance to fall until the 15th hour in which it will fall no matter what.

Q: What happens if the house changes to Owned By OSI?
A: Idocs of BANNED players: When the house goes idoc, on the fifth hour it will refresh to Like new and say Owned by OSI, and the idoc cycle will repeat.

Q: How long after the idoc can place a house?
A: Exactly 30 minutes after the house falls there is a chance to place and then every 15 minutes after that is another chance that placing will become available.

Q: How do I loot items that were on high floors?
A: If you stand a few tiles directly below the item at the correct distance it will become dragable. (the higher the item the further down from it you should go before trying to take)