UO EM Events

This is a list of the upcoming events on every server.

These times are automatically adjusted for YOUR timezone!

December 06, 9 pmChesapeake - A Holiday Fit For a PaintingMeet at the HoC to help our long time friend with his relative this Holiday season!
December 08, 7 amBalhae - SECRET | EndgameFriday, December 8th 9PM KST (GMT+9)
Meeting Place: Trammel, Britain EM Hall
Royal Spy stopped an evil legendary necromancer Maabus and vanquished him to the otherworld. They saved agent Ryan Reed but Maabus’ spell wasn’t completed which means he can’t avoid his death. In this tragedy, his death also brought a hope to find a chance to chase SECRET. While his soul between the world of the living and the dead, he able to see the distortion of two worlds.
He located places where SECRET uses abnormal object to distort dimension to hide their World Gate which is another version of Black Gate to travel to Enrico Groves’ home, the Earth.
Royal Guard, Royal Spy, and Lycaeum raid the inhibitor to reveal the World Gate. During this raid, they able to defeat Naseem the Magus. They could do that because he’s corrupted by the Book of the Dead once he stole from necromancers of Umbra. It slowly consumed him and left only unreasonable hatred and fury in him and made him reckless behaviors.
However, they realized that the World Gate was already completed and moved somewhere they never find. Agent Ryan Reed’s time is running out and his death is inevitable. There’s only one abnormal he could think of who has power to help him. The master of Winer is only one who can help him. This is the endgame.
Please do not cast mass spells causing lag except for combat purpose. It causes too much lag to the others and EM as well to proceed the event scenario and may delay the event.
Please do not cast gate travel to anyone nearby that may lead the others accidentally get into. I’ve been witness someone who did on purpose multiple times, and such action shall not be tolerated in future.
If EM witness inappropriate actions including above, EM will deal with them; not just pause the event and warn them but also report to GMs to take care of.
**Event Chat Channel – Balhae EM Event
Make sure that you’re in correct chat channel to miss any words from EM!
December 08, 8 amFormosa King Of Dice GameFormosa King Of Dice Game on 8th December Friday at 9pm TW/22:00 JPN at Britain EM Hall
December 09, 4 amOCEANIA: Pirate Bar FightPvP event in Felucia where players will brawl in a bar to determine the Drunken Pirate King of Oceania.   You may want to join VvV for this one.
Check the EM crier on Oceania for rules.

Only pirate attire allowed.  CLOTH armor ONLY (no robes).  Can be magic.
Only GM cutlasses, scimitars or knives allowed.  You can use different metal but can NOT be imbued except to give the USE BEST WEAPON SKILL ATTRIBUTE.
No restrictions on jewellery.
Up to 25 bonus points may be won for pirate dress, title, a parrot, being drunk, if you go red, and ROLEPLAY

We’ll fight as many rounds as we have time for.
December 09, 5 pmSiege Perilous - Siege Council
December 10, 7 amArirang King Of Dice GameArirang King Of Dice Game Event on 10th December at 9pm KOR/21:00 JPN at Britain EM Hall
December 10, 9 pmSonoma Holiday HijinksJoin Cyndi Anna Holmes in Serpent’s Hold for tonight’s event. 6pm PST
December 11, 9 pmAtlantic- Gingerbread SleighReport to the EM Hall in Britain for what will be part one of a very interesting Holiday event….Don’t forget your Candy Canes!
December 12, 8 pmLegends- Governors MeetingMeet in Council Room  Castle Blackthorn
December 14, 2 pmDrachenfels: Governor's Meeting | TreffenTime: 8:30pm CET (UTC+1)
Event: Governor’s meeting, all current governors should attend. Please send me a message if you can not be there. Roleplayers and visitors are most welcome!
Location: Castle Blackthorn, Britain, Trammel – Governor’s room

Zeit: 20:30 Uhr CET (UTC+1)
Event: Gouverneurs Treffen, alle derzeitigen Gouverneure sollten teilnehmen. Bitte schickt mir eine Nachricht, wenn ihr nicht dabei sein könnt. Rollenspieler und Besucher sind herzlich willkommen!
Ort: Castle Blackthorn, Britain, Trammel – Governor’s room
December 14, 9 pmLA - Wintery FireGather at Vesper Mint for instructions
December 16, 4 amOCEANIA: Sugar RushKing Blackthorn has been cursed by the Sugar Witch with a terrible toothache and players are called upon to break the curse and end the witches power.
NOTE: This starts 8pm SYDNEY AUSTRALIA time so double check time conversions.
We usually get discussion about 10 mins before the event so you get a solid hour of gaming.
December 16, 5 pmSiege Perilous - Sea Raiders
December 16, 8 pmCatskills - The Naughty ListNicholas the Toymaker requests assistance to deal with an uprising by those at his toy shop who feel they do not receive enough credit for their hard work!
December 18, 9 pmAtlantic- A Blizzard of SugarplumsReport to the EM Hall in Britain for part two of our exciting Holiday Adventure!
December 19, 8 pmLegends- Reindeers Revenge!oh No! The Reindeer are not happy! What revenge are they plotting on old St Nick?
December 21, 2 pmDrachenfels: Game Night | SpieleabendTime: 8:30pm CET (UTC+1)
Event: LUDO or Snake and Ladders game night
Location: Fairgrounds Luna, Malas

Zeit: 20:30 Uhr CET (UTC+1)
Event: LUDO oder Leiterspiel Abend
Ort: Festgelände Luna, Malas

December 21, 10 pm*Pacific* - The Winter Solstice
December 22, 7 amBalhae - Community Day | Artisan FestivalFriday, December 22nd 09:00PM KST (GMT+9)
Meeting Place: Trammel, Britain EM Hall
Join the Artisan Festival and gather up so we can grow tree! We know that some worlds don’t have enough artisans to make it happen. But together we can! We can make it happen by gather up and share the knowledge and resources! We’re offering you community day to give you a hand!
December 23, 5 pmSiege Perilous - Santa's Claws
December 23, 10 pmBaja- It's Beginning to look Grinchy out there!Meet at West Britain Bank to give Santa and hand!
December 30, 5 pmSiege Perilous - Chimney Quest