Ultima Online BG's Fishing Pole

Ultima Online BG's Fishing Pole
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BG's Fishing Pole in Ultima Online is a veteran reward item introduced as part of the game's efforts to reward long-time players. This special fishing pole is designed to enhance the fishing experience by preventing the fisherman from catching any unwanted footwear, which is a common nuisance in the game's fishing mechanics. The pole is blessed, ensuring it cannot be lost upon death, and it possesses the Spell Channeling property, allowing spellcasting without unequipping it. As a two-year veteran reward, it is part of a series of incentives aimed at acknowledging and rewarding players' loyalty to the game.

Despite its intended benefits, BG's Fishing Pole has received mixed feedback from the community. Some players appreciate the functional advantage it offers by reducing the clutter of fishing up useless items. However, others feel that it falls short of its potential, suggesting that it could have included additional features or been part of a more significant quest reward. The item embodies the balance between offering a useful tool and maintaining the spirit of a veteran reward as a token of appreciation rather than a game-changing necessity‚Äč
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We carry a UO BG's Fishing Pole Veteran Rewards for sale that can be picked up in Ultima Online.
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