UO 1 Plat

Ultima Online 1 Plat


Ultima Online Platinum is the newest way to compile 1 billion gold in the game. UO 1 Plat Gold is what happens now when you have over 1000 million gold. The gold becomes part of the platinum count in your trade window. Order 1 plat worth of Ultima Online gold and we will have it in your pockets in minutes. Need some high priced Arties, a big house or just want to have 1 billion gold? What you gonna do with all this money? 1,000 million gold = 1 Plat :O No price is too high when you are packing 1 Plat worth of UO gold. UO 1 Plat is available on every shard.
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Delivered to all shards
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We carry a UO 1 Plat Gold for sale that can be picked up in Ultima Online.
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Available on these shards:
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