Ultima Online 120 Bushido Power Scroll

Ultima Online 120 Bushido


A bushido power scroll is the only thing standing in the way from capping past 100 in the bushido skill. Getting a bushido scroll is extremely important now that the block percentage favors those with max bushido and 70 parrying to get a total of 28% block chance. Also known as power scrolls, these items raise the cap based on the level of the scroll. We have every power scroll including this 120 bushido. Getting to 120 bushido allows you to max out the defensive chances evasion and successfully cast any bushido spell the first try.
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  • A 120 Bushido power scroll can be consumed only one time.
  • These power scrolls are cursed and can not be insured.
We carry a UO 120 Bushido Power Scrolls for sale that can be picked up in Ultima Online.
Available on these shards:
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