UO Full Character Tamer Mage

Ultima Online Full Character Tamer Mage


Get a complete taming character in minutes with our power leveling packages! All power leveling requires you to start a new character so the mythic token works.

120 Animal Taming
120 Animal Lore
120 Veterinary
120 Magery
120 Meditation
120 Evaluating Intelligence
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We carry a UO Full Character Tamer Mage Power Leveling for sale that can be picked up in Ultima Online.
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UO Full Character Parry Mage
120 Eval Int
120 Parry
120 Magery
120 Wrestling
120 Meditation
120 Resisting Spells
UO Kotl Black Rod
Spell Channeling
Mage Weapon -0 Skill
Faster Casting 2
Lower Mana Cost 5%
Lower Reagent Cost 10%
Physical Damage 100%
Weapon Damage: 11-14
Weapon Speed: 2.25s
Strength Requirement 30
Twohanded Weapon
Skill Required: Mace Fighting
Durability 255 / 255
* Requires The Time Of Legends Expansion