UO 5.0 Animal Lore Scroll of Transcendence

Ultima Online 5.0 Animal Lore


The animal lore scroll of transcendence is just like the taming scroll, in which eating the pink scroll will change your animal lore skill to include the points. Needed to control your pet so it always listens, get a UO animal lore scroll of transcendence. The best tamers have both 120 taming and 120 animal lore so that they never have issues with their pets. Max this out with some animal lore sot's so your pet always listens. Animal lore scrolls of transcendence are almost as expensive as the animal taming scrolls because players often need both. We consider using us for safe delivery when purchasing any Ultima Online scrolls like this one. You must not only be able to tame animals but also control them when you order commands.
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  • A Scroll of Transcendence can be combined with other scrolls to make 5.0 skill points using a scroll binder.
  • If you eat more points than your cap allows the rest of the skill points are lost
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