UO 5.0 Carpentry Scroll of Transcendence

Ultima Online 5.0 Carpentry


The carpentry scroll of transcendence is an extremely resourceful item used to save players hours of time undergoing intensive training in the Ultima Online game. Ultima Online carpentry scrolls like this one, are a secret unlockable step to quickly finishing off a character. When your skills slow down just eat a UO carpentry SOT scroll. Start building everything you need once your carpentry skill is at the right amount. Jump right into the life of a legendary carpenter after eating pinks for your Ultima Online carpentry skills. Instantly be able to make anything in Ultima Online even things for your house, all you need to do is max out the skill with this scroll of transcendence.
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  • A Scroll of Transcendence can be combined with other scrolls to make 5.0 skill points using a scroll binder.
  • If you eat more points than your cap allows the rest of the skill points are lost
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