Ultima Online 5.0 Snooping Scroll of Transcendence

Ultima Online 5.0 Snooping
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The snooping scroll of transcendence is the final step to being a master thief and will allow you the ability to snoop all backpacks. Open every backpack without being noticed! UO snooping sot scrolls will top out your skill. Any serious thief needs to gm snooping. Always look into a players bag once you max out snooping. This makes it easiest to know what people have and be ready to steal their belongings. Take everything before they even have a clue what happened.
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  • A Scroll of Transcendence can be combined with other scrolls to make 5.0 skill points using a scroll binder.
  • If you eat more points than your cap allows the rest of the skill points are lost
We carry a UO 5.0 Snooping SOT Scrolls for sale that can be picked up in Ultima Online.
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5.0 Snooping Spawn Location?
What are the stats for 5.0 Snooping?
SOT Scroll 
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