UO Serpent's Jawbone

Ultima Online Serpent's Jawbone


The Serpent's Jawbone allows you to travel to special locations throughout the Ultima Online game and can be placed at your home for fast traveling. This item was only obtained during a Halloween event in 2017. If you have 50 origin pieces you can exchange them at the vendor to get one of these. A UO serpent's jawbone can instantly teleport you from your home to these select locations:

The Village of Lakeshire
The Rat Fort
Reg Volom
Twin Oaks Tavern
The Oasis
Blood Dungeon
Cyclops Dungeon
Exodus Dungeon
The Ki-Rin Passage
Pass of Karnaugh
The Rat Cave
Terort Skitas
Twisted Weald
Wisp Dungeon
Gwenno’s Memorial
Desert Gypsy Camp
Rock Dungeon
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