UO Retouching Tool

Ultima Online Retouching Tool


The retouching tool is what allows the removal of the ethereal effect from the ethereal mount veteran rewards. This Ultima Online retouching tool is an amazing gift from the creator for changing up the look of your eth mounts. One mount everyone likes to retouch is the polar bear and the tiger. Get a UO retouching tool to make cooler-looking mounts and pimp out your ride.

This is a 11th year veteran reward.
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We carry a UO Retouching Tool Veteran Rewards for sale that can be picked up in Ultima Online.
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Weight: 6 Stones
Casting Focus 3%
Mana Regeneration 2
Spell Damage Increase 5%
Lower Mana Cost 8%
Lower Reagent Cost 10%
Physical Resist 10%
Fire Resist 16%
Cold Resist 10%
Poison Resist 8%
Energy Resist 8%
Strength Requirement 25
Durability: 255 / 255