Ultima Online 120 Wrestling Power Scroll

Ultima Online 120 Wrestling
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The wrestling power scroll is a wonderous item to have in your possession because this scroll can boost wrestling past the GM cap and all the way to 120. A UO 120 wrestling scroll is the only way to raise the cap on your skills past 100 to 120. Our Ultima Online wrestling power scroll is one of the most defensive fighting skills you can run by unlocking to a new cap 20 points higher. Ready to punch everything to death? Never miss a haymaker with 120 wrestling. Knock out your biggest enemy in UO with this power scroll. Come to us whenever you need to buy power scrolls. This scroll is mainly used by PVP mages looking to be able to disarm and use wrestling special moves. Ultima Online's wrestling power scroll is cursed which means if you die it can end up on your corpse or looted.
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  • A 120 Wrestling power scroll can be consumed only one time.
  • These power scrolls are cursed and can not be insured.
We carry a UO 120 Wrestling Power Scrolls for sale that can be picked up in Ultima Online.
Available on these shards:
120 Wrestling Spawn Location?
What are the stats for 120 Wrestling?
A Legendary Power Scroll +120 
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