Ultima Online In Corp Mani Xen

Ultima Online In Corp Mani Xen
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In Ultima Online, "In Corp Mani Xen" is a talisman with the specific attribute of being a Fey Slayer, making it particularly effective against Fey creatures. It provides a set of beneficial enhancements for combat, including a Strength Bonus of 1, Hit Point Regeneration of 2, a Hit Chance Increase of 10%, and a Damage Increase of 20%. This talisman is highly valued by players due to its effectiveness against a wide range of Fey enemies, such as Dryads, Ethereal Warriors, and Pixies, as well as formidable Fey bosses like Dread Horn and Lady Melisande. The item was introduced during the Treasures of Fey Wrath event, where players could obtain it as a reward for their efforts in the event's activities

The talisman is shard bound and only available on Atlantic. Please msg the live chat if you are looking for one on another shard.

Weight: 1 Stone
Fey Slayer
Shard Bound
strength Bonus 1
Hit Point Regeneration 2
Hit Chance Increase 10%
Damage Increase 20%
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We carry a UO In Corp Mani Xen Talismans for sale that can be picked up in Ultima Online.
Available on these shards:

In Corp Mani Xen spawn location?

Dropped in Destard, during the Treasures of the Fey Wrath event.

What are the stats for In Corp Mani Xen?

Weight: 1 Stone
Fey Slayer
Shard Bound
strength Bonus 1
Hit Point Regeneration 2
Hit Chance Increase 10%
Damage Increase 20% 
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