Ultima Online Wildfire Lantern

Ultima Online Wildfire Lantern
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The Wildfire Lantern in Ultima Online is a special off-hand item that enhances the abilities of spellcasters. Introduced during the Treasures of Demonic Forces event and later available in the Shrouded Sails event, this lantern provides several key benefits. It features Spell Channeling, allowing continuous spellcasting without unequipping the item, and offers a Mana Regeneration boost of 3, which helps in faster mana recovery. Additionally, it increases Spell Damage by 5%, improves casting speed with Faster Casting Recovery 2, and provides a 5% Fire Resistance. With a strength requirement of only 20 and a high durability of 255/255, the Wildfire Lantern is a durable and accessible piece of equipment for enhancing magical performance in the game.

Spell Channeling
Shard Bound (Atlantic)
Mana Regeneration 3
Spell Damage Increase 5%
Faster Casting Recovery 2
Fire Resist 5%
Durability 255/255
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We carry a UO Wildfire Lantern Shard Bound for sale that can be picked up in Ultima Online.
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Wildfire Lantern spawn location?

Wildfire Event

What are the stats for Wildfire Lantern?

Spell Channeling
Shard Bound (Atlantic)
Mana Regeneration 3
Spell Damage Increase 5%
Faster Casting Recovery 2
Fire Resist 5%
Durability 255/255 
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