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Ultima Online Autoloom
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The Autoloom is a useful house-addon that enables the quick and easy conversion of flax, cotton, and wool into bolts of cloth. With a minimum of 5 resources, the Autoloom can be activated, and 5 flax will produce 6 bolts of cloth, 5 wool will yield 3 bolts of cloth, and 5 cotton will result in 6 bolts of cloth. The conversion ratios are fixed, as shown in the table below:

Resource Quantity Required Bolts of Cloth Produced
Flax 5 6
Wool 5 3
Cotton 5 6

To activate the Autoloom, simply double click the machine and target the desired resources. Additionally, this versatile item can be dyed using regular, furniture, pigment, and promo dyes. As a 5th Year Veteran Reward, the Autoloom is a valuable addition to any player's collection, making it a must-have for any seasoned Ultima Online player.

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